3 Mistakes To Avoid When Budgeting For Mobile App Development

There are many benefits to developing a mobile app for your business but it’s also a costly investment. Especially for startups or small businesses who have to spend their money carefully. This requires meticulous planning and accurate budgeting. Since there’s little room for mistakes, try to avoid these:

Not Budgeting For Both iOS and Android Platforms

Contrary to popular belief, developing the same app for both platforms isn’t possible. Essentially, you’ll have to develop two different native applications. Very little of one platform can be reused for the other so everything needs to be redone from scratch. You can choose to start with one platform but your audience might well be spread over both. If you want to target both the Google Playstore and Apple App Store, set aside enough money to develop separate apps.

Forgetting to Budget for Post-Launch

If you want your app to be successful, you’ll need to spend money promoting it. A post-launch budget entails advert designs or whatever marketing strategy you choose to deploy. We strongly advise you to invest in strategic marketing by industry professionals to ensure users notice your app and download it. This typically involves great copy, video and social media marketing.

Neglecting to Include Updates, Maintenance and Analytics in Your Budget

Technology stands still for no one. It evolves at the speed of light. You might need to improve or add features, fix bugs or ramp up your security when new threats emerge. If you want to keep the users you worked so hard to gain, you need frequent maintenance and updates which requires a budget.

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