3 steps for getting your app featured in the store

Whether you’re publishing only for Android or iOS, or for both platforms, looking to get your mobile app featured is a sure-fire way to increase your downloads. The good news is, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to ensure that your app gets the notice that it deserves.

For starters, it’s vital that you have the best possible design and functionality for what you want. Once you’ve built the ideal mobile app , you need to turn your attention to marketing it effectively. When you follow these steps, you’ll see a marked improvement in how often your app is viewed and downloaded.

  1. Optimise your listing

It’s essential to optimise your listing on the stores in order to make sure your app is easily found by those looking for it specifically and those looking for something that your app does. This includes using the right keywords in your app’s title and description. Think about your app’s icon too. This should be eye-catching and have a strong tie-in to your brand. When creating your listing, don’t forget to add high-quality screenshots of the app – videos also do really well.

  • Localise your listing

You can adapt your listing based on the country or countries that your mobile app is available. This means that you can put your listing in various different languages so that users feel more comfortable reading about it and deciding if they want to download it. You can even change up your use of keywords to suit the different regions your app is available in.

  • Keep your ratings up

The reviews you get on your app are critical for determining your ranking in the app store searches and for helping the ‘powers that be’ decide if you are worthy of being featured. Don’t be shy to ask users to give you reviews. If they’re positive – that’s great. If they’re not, you know what you need to work on to turn that review into a positive experience.

Get an app worthy of being featured

Of course, the starting point is always making sure that your app’s UI and UX are top-notch. The appeal to the user will always be the first thing that gets your app noticed, downloaded and hopefully, featured on the store’s homepage. Chat to the Netgen experts about developing your mobile app today.