4 ways your business can use a mobile app

Do you remember a time before smartphones and mobile apps? Some of us do and some of us don’t, but one thing is for sure we certainly can’t live without them. Most businesses shouldn’t live without them either because they offer you plenty of benefits. With the right app, you could provide more value to your customers, build a stronger brand reputation, connect better with your customers and boost profits for your company.

So, how should your business use a mobile app?

  1. A loyalty program for customers

A tried-and-tested method of boosting loyalty and sales is a points program. This used to take the form of a card that customers get stamped every time they purchase something from your store. This has been updated to a card that can get scanned or swiped in store.

However, a mobile app is far more interactive than the methods and customers won’t have to worry about looking for the loyalty card in their wallets. A mobile app also gives customers more control over their own profile and allows them to see their points and what this qualifies them for.

  1. A more convenient way to interact with customers

An app makes direct marketing easier thanks to push notifications. Anyone with the app can receive messages from you about any campaigns and promotions. You can also tailor those messages to different profiles. For example, if a promotion will only interest women over a certain age, you can segment your database of app users to send your message to only them.

Another way to segment your database is via location. This is incredibly useful if you have several stores or business locations. Location-based messaging also works by using their location tracking on their smartphones. As they enter a certain geographic area, you can send them a message to say that there is a special at this particular branch.

With a mobile app, you can be more proactive about contacting customers if something has gone wrong or something new is happening. This will allow your loyal customers to be in the know.

  1. An extra source of income

A full ecommerce shop on a mobile app can boost sales. The general public is getting more and more comfortable with doing everything via their phones rather than switching to a computer to make a purchase. If you can offer them a full ecommerce experience for their smartphone, you’ll definitely see your app getting used.

A mobile app can also be used to offer additional services for your business. For example, a restaurant can use a mobile app to manage bookings and allow people to place takeaway orders for delivery or pick up. Spas can offer subscription services for meditation sessions or wellness advice through their mobile app.

  1. A way to improve internal processes

A mobile app doesn’t have to be just about your customers. They can also be used to improve the way your business operates. This is especially true in the current climate of so many people working remotely. You can use a mobile app to help employees that travel a lot or work remotely to stay connected to the offices and the business.

Communication for any business is vital, as is keeping track of what your employees are doing on projects. Instant communication with and between your employees is a must these days. 

Start planning your mobile app

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