5 Ways To Improve Your App Retention Rate

The one thing that should be getting more attention than the number of downloads or acquisition rate, is improving your app retention rate. While the number of downloads is important, what really matters is how many of those users are using your app again and again. Only those who keep using your app will bring in revenue so if you want to see tangible ROI from your app, work on increasing your retention rates.

So how do you retain app users? Once they download the app, user experience is what it all comes down to. If you give them what you promised quickly, they are likely to stay. Here are more ways to increase app retention.

Don’t Waste Your Users’ Time

Users value their time and so should you. If your app takes too long to load, they will get turned off. Make sure your app loads quickly and optimise your app server performance.

Don’t Force Upfront Sign Up

No one likes being forced to sign up before they can even see what your app is about. Allow users to look around and study app features to see if it’s what they want. Once they realise the value your app offers them, they’d be more than happy to share personal info with you.

Reward Loyalty

Acknowledge users who are loyal to your brand in an honest way. Be sincere when you thank them for their support and offer them a reward or discount for future purchases. Whatever you do, thank them regularly.

Get Users Invested in Your App

If you don’t want users to trade you in for a similar app, make it hard for them to leave. Personalise their experiences and save their preferences. Keep them comfortable so that even if they can get the same functionalities for cheaper, they’d be happy to stick with your app.

It’s essential to retain your users if you want to bring positive ROI every year and keep your app going strong. Good retention practices will ensure users stay loyal to your app. Let Netgen mobile app developers help you make your mobile app a success. Speak to us for more information today.