A web-based solution for a long-term client – Debtsource

Debtsource a custom software client

The custom software solution that we built for Debtsource has now been in operation for over 10 years. The best part is that they’ve been with us for that decade, allowing us to continually maintain and upgrade the platform as required.

The world and technology has changed a lot in that time, but our partnership hasn’t. “Finding a reliable development partner must be a key success factor for any business that is dependent on tailored IT solutions.” – Frank Knight, CEO of Debtsource.

The solution required

Debtsource are credit management specialists that operate across South Africa. They came to us in need of a portal that will allow them to manage client information and their credit. They needed clients to have access to certain parts in order to keep their personal details updated. They also needed employees to have full access in order to operate properly.

Another major element that the software needed to do was provide secure access for clients and employees regardless of where they were. The solution was simple to us, it needed to be a web-based portal that we would host on our secure servers. We could also tailor access levels based on the credentials used to log into the system.

The challenge for our developers

Creating a custom web-based portal is something that our developers are all comfortable with. However, this job required our team to get to grips with some of the finer details of the financial industry to ensure that the software did what Debtsource needed it to do.

Our business analyst on the team spent some time with the client, learning about their industry and their specific area of expertise. The portal we created needed to allow the company to run tasks such as trading on credit, trade credit insurance, debt collecting, debtor finance, risk assessment and mitigation.

This in-depth analysis of our client’s needs helped us to build a solution that has lasted over a decade. It gave them flexibility, control and security.

Get your own solution

If you’re in need of a web-based portal that is more involved than your average off-the-shelf software, come talk to our business analysts. We’ll help you to get the solution that your company really needs.