Netgen web design options

Don’t overcomplicate your website design

Website design is usually at its best when the site is clean, simple to navigate through, easy to use and uncomplicated. Too many added frills can make things messy and confuse people when they try to perform simple tasks on your website. The most effective tool for your online presence is a website that a[…] Read More

Netgen has been around for 20 years already

We are 20 years old already

Netgen may have only had European offices for the last two years, but we’ve been around for the last two decades. This year, Netgen Custom Software turned 20 and we have seen a lot of incredible changes over this time. We started off with just an idea to build great software for businesses of all[…] Read More

Netgen helping clients changing their industry

Helping clients to change their industry

We have long believed that the beauty of getting custom software developed for your business puts you at a distinct advantage. Eight years ago, we were approached by a new assessment company that was starting to make waves in the vehicle insurance world in South Africa. Net Assess knew they needed a system that couldn’t[…] Read More

your business can use a mobile app

4 ways your business can use a mobile app

Do you remember a time before smartphones and mobile apps? Some of us do and some of us don’t, but one thing is for sure we certainly can’t live without them. Most businesses shouldn’t live without them either because they offer you plenty of benefits. With the right app, you could provide more value to[…] Read More