business smart with automated processes

How to make your business smart

Our phones are smart, our cars are smart and our homes are smart. Now it’s time to start making our business smart. Connecting devices and systems to a central network in your company will help to streamline and automate processes, allowing you to get more productive and more creative. It’s all about embracing embedded systems[…] Read More

Custom software trends for 2021

Custom software trends for 2021

In 2020, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic forcing countries to implement lockdowns and social distancing, individuals and businesses across the globe turned to the internet to facilitate social interactions. More than ever, we relied on software and technology to survive. One of the exciting things about that dramatic change in the way we operate[…] Read More

Reasons for SEO

Quick onsite fixes to boost your SEO

In order to avoid having your excellent website lost in the depths of the search results, it’s important to make sure that your SEO is well implemented. There is a lot that goes into an SEO strategy, but even a few small adjustments can make a big impact to your rankings. These two onsite SEO[…] Read More

Let Netgen build your mobile app to simplfy your business processes

Boost business processes with a mobile app

When people think about a mobile app for their business, they often think about the connection to the customer. However, there are many ways that a mobile app can boost business processes and streamline the way you operate. It’s all about improving the way you communicate and share information if you have people working on[…] Read More

Netgen web design options

Don’t overcomplicate your website design

Website design is usually at its best when the site is clean, simple to navigate through, easy to use and uncomplicated. Too many added frills can make things messy and confuse people when they try to perform simple tasks on your website. The most effective tool for your online presence is a website that a[…] Read More

Netgen has been around for 20 years already

We are 20 years old already

Netgen may have only had European offices for the last two years, but we’ve been around for the last two decades. This year, Netgen Custom Software turned 20 and we have seen a lot of incredible changes over this time. We started off with just an idea to build great software for businesses of all[…] Read More