Celebrating 20 years of Netgen

2020 is a very special year over at Netgen Custom Software, even with everything that has happened this year with COVID-19. In October, we celebrated 20 years of supplying bespoke solutions to clients — some of whom are still with us today. The company started with a view to providing businesses with software that fits[…] Read More

SEO in an ecommerce world

eCommerce is on the rise

There is no surprise that the market for ecommerce sites exploded during the coronavirus pandemic. Companies had to adjust how they operate, with many countries issuing lockdown regulations and people having to work from home. This also meant that people weren’t going out as much, and more and more we’re turning to online stores for[…] Read More

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How To Increase Your Sales Right Now

How many people do you know that carry cash with them all the time? It simply is not safe anymore, and it also increases the risk of spreading viruses like Covid-19. With the advances in technology, cash is overrated! Card payments are the way forward. In fact, with the new tap and go feature, you[…] Read More