Boost business processes with a mobile app

Mobile app designed by Netgen to boost business processes

When people think about a mobile app for their business, they often think about the connection to the customer. However, there are many ways that a mobile app can boost business processes and streamline the way you operate. It’s all about improving the way you communicate and share information if you have people working on the go.

4 mobile app ideas for internal processes

  1. Internal communications

There are plenty of existing apps that you can always turn to for communications – Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Skype, Slack, etc. However, having a bespoke mobile app can give you greater security over apps used by everyone else. Additionally, you can ensure that the app integrates with other software or programs that you use for your business, allowing for a seamless workflow for you and your employees.

  1. Going paperless

A big time and money sink for many businesses is typing up notes or digitising forms from meetings, sales, agreements, deliveries and collections, etc. With a mobile app, you can go paperless by having any forms or agreements you need signed done via the touchscreen of your device. This is then automatically linked to your network and stored online for you.

Notes from meetings or inspections can also be input directly into a mobile app – either as an audio file or as a speech-to-text file – and saved immediately to your network. You no longer have to worry about typing up minutes later or losing the notebook where you wrote out the notes.

  1. Automated supply chain

Moving on from note taking and digital forms, you can actually use the data inputted into your mobile app to help automate your supply chain. Once a contract or an order has been signed on the app by a client, an automatic order can be placed for supplies or products that might be needed for the job. If you’re in manufacturing, you can also mark jobs as complete, automatically letting your warehouse know that a delivery can be made.

  1. Mobile sales

There are many times in both the sale of products and the providing of services where the ability for mobile sales can come in handy. It stops the need for people to carry cash and it ensures that you are paid on time. You can get a mobile app that allows for the transfer of money via ewallet or an app that connects to a small credit card device.

With a bespoke app, you can connect your sales to your inventory. This will allow you to see real-time figures on what products you’re holding or items you’ve used to provide your service. It’s far more efficient than doing manual stock takes.

Get the mobile app your business needs

If you could benefit from better communication or collaboration within your business, it might be time to look at a bespoke mobile app. They can help streamline processes and keep your employees connected. Come and talk to the development experts at Netgen to get a mobile app for your business.