Bringing transparency to logistics for Horizon Fruits

In January 2019, a brand-new bespoke custom software solution from Netgen went live for Horizon Fruits. This South African logistics company controls the entire supply chain for fresh fruit from specific farms around the country to retail spaces around the world.

When Horizon Fruits came to Netgen, they were in need of a custom software solution that could take all of their moving parts and put them into one system. It was essential for them to have transparency along the full logistical chain to help them streamline processes and keep all parties in the know.

The challenges of multiple moving parts

One of the biggest challenges facing this project was the various moving parts involved in the logistics chain. The company has a number of suppliers and customers, all of whom have their own programmes that needed to be able to communicate with the solution that we created. Integration with these different software programmes was critical.

The Netgen developers also had to consider the fact that Horizon Fruits doesn’t have a dedicated IT team. Instead, our business analysts had to coordinate with the various departments within the company in order to gain an understanding of how Horizon Fruits operates and what each department needs from their custom solution.

The Netgen software development cycle

Once the challenges had been laid out, it was time to work out a course of action. At Netgen, we operate according to our custom software development cycle. This gives us a solid foundation from which to build our solutions so that we know they will meet our customers’ exact requirements.

We start with a thorough analysis of the company’s needs before we begin any designing. The software plan is then mapped out and our developers can get to work implementing the system. From there, we move onto testing and integration. The customer is taken through the new software step by step and we test thoroughly to ensure there are no holes or chinks in the solution.

When asked about the process, Logistics Manager for Horizon Fruits Johann Le Roux commented that “Netgen has assisted us with the necessary guidance and patience to facilitate the development of the system in a timeframe that is considerably shorter than we originally anticipated.”

How can you benefit from a custom solution? Whether you just want to streamline one element of your business, or integrate all of your processes into one system, a custom solution can save you money and time in the long run. Contact us to find out more about our developers and what they can do for you.