Can I Recycle An App Idea And Still Be Successful?

Facebook wasn’t the first social network and Google wasn’t the first search engine. But both of these apps are extremely successful. So if you have an idea for a mobile app that already exists, don’t let it stop you from developing it anyway.

It takes more than just an idea to develop a successful app. It requires insight, execution and determination. With enough innovation and conviction, you can take an old idea and make it new and interesting.

If there’s already an app available for the one you have in mind, make one that’s better and you might just become a contender in your category. Create an app that offers a better experience than similar apps in the market. Here’s how you can do it.

Make Design Improvements

If you’ve done your homework on app development, you’re probably aware of the fact that a quality design is what sets you apart from the rest. Make the app as easy as possible to use, like Instagram. The less effort your user has to put in, the more they’ll like the app. Keep it minimal and free from clutter and keep clicks to a minimum.

Target a New Audience

There’s no reason to go global with your app. Focus on a small but strong niche market by offering something specific and of value to a large group of people. This will create brand awareness fast and build loyal customers. Once you have a foot in the door, you can broaden your horizons and expand to new markets. Your app will evolve and grow and you can always add new features.

Try A New Monetisation Strategy

Perhaps users love the apps already available but hate the price tag. By offering your app for free of charge and monetising via in-app advertising, you could convert many new users to your mobile app.

If you are passionate about your idea, we say go for it. And let industry professionals like Netgen help you with your custom app design. Call us for a free quote.