Celebrating 20 years of Netgen

2020 is a very special year over at Netgen Custom Software. In October, we’ll be celebrating 20 years of supplying bespoke solutions to clients – some of whom are still with us today.

The company started with a view to provide businesses with software that fits their needs specifically. Over the years, Netgen has moved with the times and now offers clients a whole range of services, including website development, SEO, social media marketing and more. “We have grown our business from a team of just software developers to an operation that can handle all aspects of software no matter the project size,” says Grant Scheffel, managing director of Netgen. However, at its core, the company remains focused on providing custom software solutions to clients.

In the Beginning

We opened our doors in October 2000 with our very first offices in Johannesburg, South Africa. From there, we expanded to Cape Town and opened those offices in 2012. Both cities showed significant growth and we ended up moving into much larger office spaces in the last couple of years. Our team now includes a wide range of technical and software specialists, as well as project managers, business analysts and support technicians. We also have content experts for social media, SEO and other digital marketing services.

The European Expansion

It was with great pride that we were able to take Netgen international and open offices in The Netherlands. After working with a number of clients outside of South Africa over the years, we knew that the time was right to create a team that could focus on the specific needs of the European market. This led us to Amsterdam and an exciting new chapter for the Netgen story.

Join the Netgen family. Is it time for your company to update their software or add something new to your systems? Contact us and discover what the Netgen team of experts can do for your business. Our solutions can be integrated into existing setups, or we can create something entirely new just for you.