Don’t overcomplicate your website design

Website design is usually at its best when the site is clean, simple to navigate through, easy to use and uncomplicated. Too many added frills can make things messy and confuse people when they try to perform simple tasks on your website. The most effective tool for your online presence is a website that a new visitor can instantly see the purpose of.

It can be so tempting to keep on adding elements, especially when there are so many things that you can do quite easily on a website. Adding images, videos, pop-ups and more can be achieved quite simply. However, they should only be deployed when you have a specific purpose for them and they add to the overall functionality.

3 steps for a cleaner website

When working on your website design, consider the following steps:

  1. Is your website easy to navigate through?

Try to look at your website as if you were a first-time visitor with no prior knowledge of your company. When this person arrives on the home page, is it clear what your business is about and can they easily get to more information about what you sell? From there, can they get to the point where they can make a purchase or contact you for more information simply?

  1. Is the code clean and simple?

Behind the scenes of your website, things should also be clear, clean and efficient. For the majority of websites, there is no need to have a backend that is complicated or difficult for the average person to use. If you can’t make basic changes to the information on your website, your developer has made things too complicated. At Netgen, we use WordPress for many of the websites that we build because the CMS is incredibly easy to use and clients can make changes to things like their business address or add in new images on their own.

  1. Have you checked your industry benchmarks?

How fast the pages of your website load and the overall look and feel of the design can be pitted against other websites in your industry. Make sure you take some time to look that up and compare your website to the benchmarks. This will ensure that your online presence is competitive and attractive to your target market.

Get the website your company deserves

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new website or need to clean up an existing one, our designers are here for you. We have plenty of experience with everything from simple boutique sites through to complex databases – and all of them are easy to use. Get in touch today.