eCommerce is on the rise

There is no surprise that the market for ecommerce sites exploded during the coronavirus pandemic. Companies had to adjust how they operate, with many countries issuing lockdown regulations and people having to work from home. This also meant that people weren’t going out as much, and more and more we’re turning to online stores for their general shopping.

For businesses that have a product to sell or are in retail, having a website, and specifically, an ecommerce site has become an essential in 2020. Another massive part of that is ensuring that your SEO is up to scratch so that you can be found in among the increasing competition.

Here are some quick tips to get you started:

  1. Check your metadata

Metadata is essential for SEO and having your website ranked on Google. It includes elements such as the URL, the short description, the keyword and the title for your page. All of these should be insync and optimised for what you are selling and what information is on that particular page.

  1. Do a link audit

Broken links are a big SEO killer. If you have web pages that no longer exist, you need to ensure that you don’t link to those pages anywhere on your website. If you do, you’ll be upsetting the search engines and your customers.

There are two ways to deal with broken links or pages that no longer exist. You can go through your website to ensure that each link you have on your website works. The other option is to set up redirects on pages that you have deleted. The redirect can take the visitor to a similar, relevant page or back to your homepage.

  1. Make sure your pages load quickly

It is vital these days that the pages on your website load quickly because some of your potential customers may lose interest and go on to another site. Slow load times will also knock your SEO rankings and see you drop down the results.

There is a lot that you can do to make sure that your pages load quickly, including optimising your image sizes, not making the pages too long and not using videos or graphics that move. Plugins can also make your web pages too heavy if you are using a lot of them or if they become outdated.

Talk to Netgen about SEO services

SEO is an essential element of any digital marketing campaign. In the right hands, it can be used to improve the user experience on your website and ensure that people will find your company when they’re looking for the service or product you provide. Contact the Netgen team for more information.

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