Real-World Solutions

Connect your company to the Internet of Things (IoT) with our custom solutions for embedded components. We use various real-time platforms, operating systems, technologies and embedded tools for developing, designing and testing.

Netgen Software Develop – Pav Terminal

Retail Vending SOlutions

If you can accept credit cards anywhere you are – in-store or on the go – you’ll be able to sell to your customers wherever they are.

POS Anywhere is a Netgen product that offers the convenience and mobility you need to grow your business by increasing sales. Seamless integration will enable you to accept payments for your products on any device while also updating your inventory, customer data and orders automatically. This solution is perfect for ticket sales, vendor sales and many more.

Netgen Software Develop – Intellisafe

Security and Remote-Controlled Drop Safes

Netgen develops smart, computer-controlled software for drop safes that offers world-class security against armed robbery of valuable stock. Our software offers the least inconvenience when used daily in busy retail settings.

It includes features such as high integrity sensor protection, overnight lockdown and active defence mechanisms that can be managed through an online web portal to ensure a high-level overview of every safe on your network.

Netgen Software Develop – Raspberry-Pi

Specialised Tablet and Handheld Integrations

With our custom software working in your handheld devices, you’ll have complete control of your operations. We develop solutions for the Android and iOS platforms, and offer real-time integration and data access.

Our solutions will allow you and your employees to work remotely from anywhere in the world, and still have complete and secure access to the data they need. You can also keep an eye on project sites or offices in other locations with remote sensing. Stay active and send remote instructions to devices or equipment.

Now you can take an ordinary handheld device and turn it into a business tool like no other.

Custom Applications

Netgen has developed countless custom applications since 2000, using embedded or bespoke technology.

These applications range from specialised processors and security products to commercially available Raspberry PI and IOT devices.


Our speciality is custom built hardware for the specific process it operates on that has memory or time constraints and requires a small footprint.

Integrate Your Business Technology