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Are you trying to get fit, lose weight, exercise more consistently, gain muscle or push yourself to greater intensity workouts?

Most of us need a little help and motivation when it comes to our health and wellbeing. Fitness management software or apps offer help by reminding you of your goals and sending notifications so you can follow through on them. Fitness apps also provide you with the information and tools you need, whether it’s a personal trainer who designs your workouts and provides coaching or a calorie calculator to track your food intake. A push in the right direction from some excellent fitness apps makes all the difference. Create a successful fitness app with the help of professionals from Netgen.

Fitness app

Fitness app

What Is a Fitness App?

A fitness app is a mobile application you can download to your smartphone and use to get fit anywhere. Fitness app development can include various functions such as tracking caloric intake, setting fitness goals, choosing workout plans and sharing your progress on social media platforms. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to fitness, have a busy lifestyle or whether you’re an avid traveller, chances are, there’s an app for you. If you need help to create a workout app, get in touch with Netgen today.

Different Types of Fitness Apps

Personal Trainer Apps

Personal trainer apps typically include workout routines that are available in various formats such as 3D models, text, illustrations or video. With the software for personal trainers, you can choose exercises to suit your personal preference and fitness level and start training in the comfort of your own home.

Logbook Apps

A logbook app is an excellent solution for gym training and is typically used to plan and record personal workout routines.

Fitness Tracking Apps That Pair with Smart Devices

Fitness app development is advancing at the speed of light. With more and more gym technologies surfacing, these apps have the ability to track your activity at the gym. Smart devices record every exercise, set and rep which is then presented to you via a mobile app.

Fitness Activity Tracking Apps

These type of apps track physical activity such as steps taken, distance travelled, stairs climbed, calories burned and hours slept. Often, you don’t even have to connect your tracking app to the sensor of your smartphone to implement activity-tracking functions.

Diet and Nutrition Apps

Mobile apps that track nutrition and eating habits are also activity tracking apps, but with more in-depth tracking capabilities. You can add food logging as a feature to your fitness app but if you want to satisfy the majority of users whose primary goal is to key purpose is to track calories and control fluid intake, diet and nutrition apps are the way to go. It will help users achieve their personal goals of losing/gaining weight or eating healthy. Fitness apps are more focused on encouraging users to burn some calories and should offer a call to action.

Gamification in Fitness Apps

Fitness apps use gamification features and social elements to motivate users similar to activity tracking apps. This functionality allows users to accumulate and redeem loyalty rewards for visiting the fitness centre, using the app to track progress and to make purchases.

Users can get trophies for their best times, check their place on the leaderboard and compare their performance against others’ as well as their own previous achievements.

Do Fitness Apps Make Money?

We live in a society where people are closely connected to the internet. People want to look good and feel good, thus making the fitness industry a lucrative industry to enter.

Coaching is no doubt one of the most common and straightforward ways to make money as a fitness enthusiast. But, you’ll need to get creative because the market is highly oversaturated. That said, there are more than enough other ways to be successful with fitness apps which you’ll find below.

Fitness App

How Do I Create a Fitness App?

Once you have chosen the type of fitness app you want to create, you can start with the development process.

The Initiation Phase

The inception phase is where the scope of work is defined as well as the budget. You’ll be collaborating with the development team to plan and create a project roadmap.

Technical Specification and Design

During the second phase, the designers and business analysts will prepare the technical aspects of the fitness app based on the requirements such as the basic design, platforms, wireframes, user stories as well as a prototype of your fitness app.

App Development

Launching a fitness app for iOS and Android users require mobile app developers who specialise in both operating systems.

Testing and Bug Fixing

Quality assurance is crucial to the success of your fitness app. Once the mobile app is developed, testing and bug fixing takes place on various devices. During this process, you’ll be able to observe how the app operates and whether the features function as they should.

It’s vital that development and business work closely together for the process to run smoothly from the definition of specifications, road mapping, UI/UX development, back end and front end, QA to the release of your fitness app and support.

Pick the Monetization Strategy

As important as it is to develop a useful fitness app that users love, you’ll want to make sure that it gives you fruitful rewards. There are various ways to monetize your fitness app. So if you want to earn an income from your investment, here’s what you should do:

Paid Apps

Users must first buy your app if they want to benefits from your fitness app. One way to familiarise users and encourage them to purchase it is to offer a free trial. This way, they’ll realise the value of your fitness app and the chances of them paying for it or having a subscription to keep using it, increases significantly.


Some fitness centres may find it beneficial and lucrative to partner with your fitness app, thus running an ad campaign for which you can charge a flat rate or cost-per-mile commission.

In-app Purchases

Don’t think you can’t make money with free fitness apps. You can still generate an income by encouraging users to purchase a unique offering via your fitness app such as premium content or an advanced feature setting.

Free Apps

Offer a free fitness app with basic features but give users the option to pay for premium features and content. This way, users can benefit from your app but might be encouraged to buy premium features if they want more success with their fitness journey.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Fitness App?

There is no set amount when it comes to the cost of developing a health and fitness app. It will depend on four major factors:

  • Fitness app development company
  • Availability and complexity of features
  • Development duration
  • Chosen platforms (iOS, Android or both)

The best advice we can give you to ensure you get value for money is to hire professionals for the development of your fitness app.

Fitness app
Fitness App

Hire a Team of Professionals for Your Fitness App Development

Vital to the development process of your fitness app is the team of developers you would need to ensure its success. Choosing a team with expert knowledge and experience in developing applications with positive feedback and recommendations from previous customers would be your best choice. This will help solve issues within the development process and create an app of great performance. Work with the best fitness app developers when you work with Netgen. We tick all the boxes and are ready to turn your vision into reality.

Things to Keep in Mind for Your Fitness App Development

If you want your fitness app to be profitable and successful, you’ll need to provide features that will attract and retain users. Fitness apps must be flexible when it comes to tips, techniques and exercise variations. It is extremely cost-effective to integrate your fitness app with wearable fitness devices and will yield better results.

Just like any other mobile app development, fitness apps can be quite challenging. But, if you hire professionals like Netgen to develop your app and you include the best features, you will benefit from the success of your mobile app. Speak to the team at Netgen to book your free consultation today.