Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Stock Control System

Fruit Inventory Management: Improve Traceability and Efficiency

Are you looking for an efficient fruits and vegetable stock control system to manage incoming fresh produce from the very moment it’s delivered to your warehouse? A complete fresh produce stock control system can be accomplished with movement tracking, labelling, quality control, temperature control, registration and documentation of incoming produce — all of which are vital in developing an accurate audit trail in the produce industry.

Netgen can help you improve efficiency and traceability of your fresh produce with an efficient fruit inventory management system. Traceability functions allow you to easily allocate information for all inventory in your warehouse or retail stores, thus helping you meet high international food safety regulations. To ensure accurate stock information at all times, stock-take processes should be implemented across the entire farm. This will reduce the risk of wastage and ensure optimal inventory accountability.

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Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Stock Control System

Why You Need a Fruits and Vegetable Stock Control System

As a retailer selling fresh produce as perishable items to cater to the need of their customers, special consideration needs to be given to inventory management conditions in the supply chain. Since the shelf life of fresh produce is less, it’s vital to review strategies and replenish inventory carefully and correctly. Ordering and managing these fruits and vegetables require special care by retailers who strive to waste as little as possible while ensuring customer satisfaction. Here are 6 reasons why you should invest in a great inventory management system for your fruit and vegetable business.

Simple Incoming Delivery Saves Time

A fruit and vegetable transport system can help to increase the efficiency of fresh produce deliveries in the supply chain. By using a barcode scanning system integrated with a scale, you can save time on data entry and reduce the likelihood of human error.

Accurate Inventory Reduces Waste

Fresh produce stock management with accuracy reduces waste through stock-takes, inventory alerts and better FIFO.

Excellent Quality Ensures a Better Product

As a retailer, you can guarantee high-quality fresh produce by keeping a tight lid on your quality control system. This will allow for better supplier quality management as well as customer complaint management.

Precision Production Management Decreases Errors

With an efficient fruits and vegetable inventory control system in place, you can ensure that the right product and correct quantity is packed on time. This is done by scheduling orders and sending alerts to employees about which inventory items need to go to which production line and when.

Every Order Filled and Shipped on Time

Shipping orders can be a complicated business. But with the right inventory management system, employees are guided through the dispatch process from scanning the product barcode and invoicing to creating the bill of lading and automatic shipping alerts. 

Reduce Admin Costs

A fresh produce stock control system reduces the admin burden by easily generating labels, invoices, bill of lading, picking documents and much more. Fast and easy recall and audit systems also lower compliance costs.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Stock Control System
Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Stock Control System

Characteristics of a Top-Class Fruit and Vegetable Transport Management Software System

Fruit Inventory management software can help fresh produce distributors in many ways. The key is to purchase or develop a stock control system that suits the unique needs of the produce industry with some or all of the functionalities mentioned below:

Monitor & Manage

Keep an eye on storage and the status of processes like grading, sorting, ripening and cooling of all fresh produce as well as expiring inventory. This will help you ensure accuracy when it comes to order quantity.

Audit Trail

If a movement history of all fresh produce in supply chains is created, it provides an inventory audit trail that can inform you of where and when inventory was stored as well as when it was moved and by whom. This offers a rare inventory auditing management and background traceability for all fruits and vegetables.

Barcode Scanning

As mentioned before, this can be done from a smartphone or tablet to make the data entry process faster and more efficient.

Moving Produce with Ease

Easily move fresh produce between ripening/cooling rooms, cool rooms, hydro coolers and multiple warehouse locations in the supply chain. An excellent stock control system will be able to give you an accurate inventory account for sites throughout the country or with unlimited warehouses across the world.

Fresh Produce Stock Takes

Specified to your comprehensive filters allowing fast stock takes for unique produce, specific finished products, stock takes in specific locations or historical stock takes of produce.

Unique Identifiers and Labels

Manage each inventory item with unique labels with barcodes and identifiers that are human-readable.

Manage Raw and Finished Products

Excellent functionality for any fresh produce stock control system is being able to manage finished and raw products that are on pallets and those that are not. As well as assigning or removing non-palletised produce from pallets or between them.

Set Sale Prices

Functionality to set current standard prices for all types of fresh produce according to customer lists, features and variety.

Complete Pallet Control

Managing and tracking all pallet types, pallet stock takes and pallet labels.

Admin Functions

Printing delivery receipts for farms and suppliers as well as creating purchase orders. Take your software to the next level by adding the function of assigning incoming inventory to its PO and offering traceability using purchase order data.

Develop Fruit Transport Management Software That’s Right for Your Business

Do you need an efficient solution for managing fresh produce and their transport? Netgen provides custom solutions that are perfect for your unique to all supply chains.

Easily manage all fresh produce inventory, raw materials and packaging materials with a fresh produce inventory management software solution from Netgen. You will be able to complete a full stock-take, inventory reporting and auditing, ageing inventory analysis and any other task you’d like by adding the functionality to your custom software.

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