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Netgen and Net Assess working relationship

We have long believed that the beauty of getting custom software developed for your business puts you at a distinct advantage. Eight years ago, we were approached by a new assessment company that was starting to make waves in the vehicle insurance world in South Africa. Net Assess knew they needed a system that couldn’t be bought off the shelf.

“For the last eight years, Netgen has been an integral part of our team, developing our system from strength to strength and assisting with our system becoming a game changer in the motor industry.” – Lisa Frame, Admin Manageress for Net Assess.

The assignment

In 2012, we began work on a system that covered Net Assess’ entire process, from receiving claims from clients through to delivering their assessments and quotes to the insurance companies. The system also needed to be entirely transparent to ensure that no insurance fraud could take place at any point along the process.

After several meetings to map out the process and ensure that the software solution provided the necessary key elements, our developers set to work. The team took the modular approach, rolling out new sections of the system in stages. The first modules went live in April 2013.

The ongoing challenge

Nothing in the tech world is static and we knew that our solution for Net Assess would need to keep on evolving. Over the seven plus years that the system has been in operation, we have continually worked on it to ensure that it does what our client needs it to do. From new modules to minor updates, our dev team has been in close contact with Net Assess for the better part of a decade.

One of the biggest updates made to the system was the introduction of a mobile app. This has allowed assessors to log their notes from inspections straight into the system while out and about working. They no longer need to make notes and transfer them to the system at a later stage. This has sped up the process remarkably.

Custom is the key

We are very proud of the work we’ve done with Net Assess and the long-term relationship that we’ve built with them over the years. It’s one of the best aspects of developing custom software for clients – getting to meet their needs and keep working together.

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