How a custom chatbot can grow your business

A chatbot is one of the big buzz terms for businesses today. But what is a chatbot? It’s essentially a computer application that can have an online conversation with a real human being. They can be programmed to give out information about products and services, or complete signups and quote requests. They can gather all sorts of valuable information from a potential client or help one turn into a paying customer, all without you ever having to interact with the person.

It might seem a bit futuristic, or even a bit scary to leave a computer in charge of these important initial steps of interacting with a lead. However, you might be surprised at how many times you are actually talking to a chatbot these days and not a real human being. It really is a big part of the business world today, and in the future.

What does a chatbot do?

Standard chatbots are generally limited in what they can accomplish for a company. They are developed to answer a certain set of questions or guide someone through a particular process. When things get too complicated, the chatbot will hand over to a human to complete the conversation.

A chatbot is usually programmed to understand certain key phrases within a sentence. It then has a set range of answers that it can provide based on the usage of key phrases and the order they’re in. The more basic the chatbot, the fewer phrases it’ll understand and the less likely it’ll be able to understand incorrect spelling or complicated questions. It’s all up to you to decide how you want to deploy your chatbot and what it needs to be able to answer.

Get a custom chatbot By opting to go the custom route on a chatbot, you can deploy your application in a variety of ways. It can live on your website and pop up on every page so that people can get in touch with your company immediately. You can also have it operate via something like the Facebook Messenger app or a standalone mobile app that you build directly for your customers. There are so many options. Chat to the custom software development specialists at Netgen to find out how you can make this technology work for you.