How to do email marketing right

email marketing and CRM

Email marketing can be as simple or as creative as you want it to be – the key is to remain consistent and true to your brand. It’s also essential to ensure that you provide information that people really want to receive in their inbox. Otherwise, you’ll end up under spam and never get seen.

Here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of each email you send and get that all important ROI:

  1. Create a marketing plan

Essentially, you need to define who you are sending emails to, why you are sending them out, and what you hope to achieve. There are plenty of potential objectives and you can use a combination that suits your business. For example: 

  • Informative newsletters
  • Competitions
  • Promotional or special deal announcements

Once you have made those decisions, it’s time to get specific. Look at how often you’ll send out emails and what information will be included in each send. Creating a calendar will help you to plan ahead and schedule things.

  1. Build and segment your database

An email campaign is nothing without the people you’re sending it to. In an ideal world, you’ll have both regular customers and potential customers on an email database. It’s also important to have a way to segment this database so you can adjust your message based on who you are sending to. For example:

  • New customers
  • Customers in a certain geographic location

It’s important to have ways to grow your database too. Always have a signup form on your website – make it simple and ensure you include correct GDPR authorisations. You can also put calls to sign up on your social media.

  1. Focus on the message

There are so many options for designing emails these days, with fancy ways to embed videos and high-quality graphics. However, this is not always the way to go. It’s important to focus on the message you want to get across first and make sure that the design enhances that. It’s also important to consider who is receiving the email and what kind of device they are likely to be reading it on (laptop or mobile phone).

  1. Test everything

Finally, no marketing campaign is complete without testing. Make sure you know exactly what your sent email will look like on a range of different devices and email inboxes. Your email in a web client like Gmail could look very different to the built-in iPhone email app.

It’s also important to keep an eye on how your emails do. Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that can show you how many people opened your email, clicked on the links, replied, unsubscribed or didn’t receive the email will help immensely. You can start to learn what works for your audience and what doesn’t.

Get a CMS you can trust

At Netgen, we developed TrackEasy to help our clients manage all of their email marketing needs and more. It’s a highly efficient tool for keeping track of your leads, sending them communications and for running email campaigns.