How To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website

Do you know what your website is worth if no one can find it online? Nothing! No matter how fancy or expensive your website is, if your potential customers can’t reach it, it won’t help you one bit. 

Are you wondering how to attract a lot of visitors to your website fast? Join the club. Many business owners are asking the same question! While you want people to find your website, what you actually want is THE RIGHT PEOPLE to find your website. 

It is entirely possible to attract thousands of visitors in a short amount of time, but organic traffic is better. Organic visitors suggest people who are interested in the product or service you have to offer without being tricked into clicking some link.

The problem with clickbait is that the visitor will quickly realise the fact and move on to another website, thus increasing your bounce rate. A high bounce rate will affect your Google ranking.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website 2020

There are many things you can do to drive organic traffic to your website this year. First, make sure your website is fast, responsive and without broken links. A simple, clean design will enable visitors to find what they are looking for within a matter of seconds without overwhelming them.

After you’ve sorted out your web design, here are some steps you should take.


If you think optimising your content for Google is dead, think again. It is still a worthwhile practice in 2020. Make sure you add meta descriptions, make the most of image alt text and create internal links to new content. Also, target long-tail keywords or phrases.

Backlinks from reputable websites will help get your website to the first page of Google. If you’re not sure how to get these, employ a digital marketing agency to help you.

Social Media

Statistics claim that the average person spends 3 to 4 hours on social media every day. While it is alarming, that’s where you will find your potential customers. Choose 1 or 2 social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube and start growing a following by posting regularly and interacting with your audience.


Google loves fresh content so make sure you upload new, optimised articles every week that include related keywords. These can be ‘how-to’ articles, industry news or news about your company.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to target your specific audience. By adding a link to your website, they can easily navigate there for more information or to buy your products.

What might sound like a daunting task to you comes naturally for digital marketing companies like Netgen. Let us help you drive more traffic to your website and ultimately increase your sales in 2020. Give us a call today!