How to make your mobile app stand out

The mobile app market is truly ferocious. At the time of writing, there were 2.56 million individual apps on the Google Play Store and another 1.85 million on Apple’s App Store, according to Statista. All of that noise and all of those other ideas are your competition.

That may sound quite daunting, but if you take the time on research, development and marketing, you’ll be able to cut through that noise. It’s also important to team up with the right mobile app developers to get your product off the ground and into the stores.

4 steps to focus on

You already have your idea for your company’s mobile app and you know what you want it to do. Now, you need to focus on the actual building of the app and what you do after it’s made it onto the app stores.

  1. Usability – Even if what your app does is very complex and powerful, it needs to be easy to understand and to use. If the person who downloads it struggles to work out how to use the various functions and features, they will get frustrated and either forget about it on their phone or delete it entirely. Try not to use fun or interesting names for the elements in your app. Rather stick to naming conventions that people know and can easily understand.
  2. Accessibility – The range of smartphones and tablets out there is enormous and constantly growing and changing. If you make your mobile app as accessible as possible, you’ll get a much wider range of people downloading it and using it. Additionally, keep an eye to the future and make sure you update your app as new operating systems and devices are rolled out.
  3. Research and testing on design – We’ve already mentioned that the design of the app must be user friendly. In addition to this, you should consider the colours used, the fonts, and even the icon that will sit on the screen of the device once downloaded. Before you launch, test out various designs with a focus group to see how they respond to the look and feel.
  4. Optimising for the app stores – When you are finally ready to launch, take a moment to ensure that you have put your best foot forward on the app stores. You need good images or videos, a strong description and the right keywords in order to do well when people search for apps like yours.

Develop a successful app

Coming up with a good idea is just the start of developing a mobile app for your company. It takes time, research, testing, and commitment. At Netgen, we have the analysts, developers, and testers to help you to create something that will really benefit your business and your customers.