This Is How You Make Money With Your Mobile App

Having a mobile app for your business puts you in a whole different league but an app is more than just a nice to have. It can be used for online shopping, answering your questions, learning new skills and purely for entertainment purposes.

For a business, it can be used to gain new customers. It can also be used to generate a new income stream. To make money from your app, you need to hire a qualified developer for your custom app design. A poorly designed mobile app can harm your business image and that’s the last thing you need. Here are four ways to monetise your mobile app:

In-App Purchases

You can use your app as a vehicle where you offer services or products and users pay for it through the application. This method generally offers the highest product flexibility and profits which will increase your customer lifetime value or CLV.

In-App Ads

In-app ads are the preferred method of monetising an app and if carefully planned, can provide a high turnover rate. Make sure your ads are perfectly timed and good quality to retain your user base.

Upgrade to Premium Version

An app that offers exclusive features and benefits to premium members will encourage them to spend money to access them. But to keep your user’s attention, make sure the free version offers useful functionality, to begin with.

Paid Applications

Paid apps aren’t the easiest path to follow but they still have a valid place in the market. As long as you have a good enough reason as to why users should purchase your app, they will continue to buy it. If not, they’ll find another free option.

Mobile apps are here to stay and the market will only continue to grow in years to come. Invest in a mobile app for your business and grow your bottom line the easy way.

Netgen can assist. With 20 years of experience in the industry and a team of passionate developers, your mobile app development will be in great hands. Contact Netgen for a free quote today!