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Mobile App Development

Netgen custom mobile applications created for the specific needs of our clients and integrating seamlessly with current information systems and brands of your company.



With the advancement in technology, the demand for mobile applications has increased significantly, either as responsive web-based mobile apps or stand-alone apps. iOS and Android are the most popular choices when it comes to development solutions. Mobile Web-based systems are quickly becoming the number one choice since it allows excellent experience across various devices and is quicker to deploy. It also provides integration and real-time data access. Mobile web solutions, also known as mobile applications, will enhance your business and enable staff and customers to interact with every aspect of your system while having access to information quickly and easily.

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Our team has recently deployed various Bluetooth devices and mobile printers in the sale of POS (Point of Sale) and Airtime items. These tablets and terminals with integrated printers enable clients and retailers complete portable options for their systems. To help clients easily vend produce or airtime, Netgen has developed a POS system that operates on wireless/handheld terminals without the annoyance of any cables.

Mobi Print Terminal – This handheld terminal with built-in printer and rechargeable battery, vends electricity and airtime via a sim card or wireless network.

Touch Screen Tablet – This tablet offers great mobility by printing to a wireless Bluetooth printer. It vends electricity and airtime via a sim card or wireless network and is also powered by a rechargeable battery.


Netgen possesses the skills and expertise to achieve your vision whether it’s for financial purposes, events or social media objectives. We also develop and design custom and affordable high functionality applications for smart devices that work as they should. We also ensure that these apps are easy to maintain and adapt with the release of new handsets and operating system upgrades.


User-friendly mobile applications developed to help boost workplace productivity and growth of your small business. Business productivity applications assist with making your professional life less complicated and are aimed at enhancing the day-to-day tasks of running a business such as project management, task management, communication and even accounting. At Netgen, we specialise in React Native for all our Android and iOS developments.


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