Why you need to pay attention to community management on social

Social media marketing and paying attention to community management

One of the elements that is so often forgotten about in social media marketing is that of community management. This is one of the most critical parts but is regularly left to a junior or only done reactively. However, with a proper community management strategy, you can build a following of customers who love to interact with your brand, share your content and talk about you on their personal profiles.

  1. It keeps customers engaged

Social media marketing is about so much more than simply having another avenue to put up photos of your products or place adverts about your company. It’s about engaging with your customers on a far more social level. Posting your content on social media is only one step. The next step is to engage with your audience through real conversations – this is the process of community management.

If you limit the engagement to simply posting your own content or doing just the minimum of liking comments, you won’t get the full impact of any social platform. Your brand needs to actively engage with people.

  1. It builds a real online community

Nothing will make your brand seem more relatable to your target audience than effective community management on social media. That means proactively looking for conversations and taking part. It also means promoting your followers through reposting their content or jumping into their threads about relevant topics.

It’s more than just customer service. The person responsible for community management is your brand ambassador, the person greeting customers by name and asking them how their day has been.

  1. It gives you the power in your online reputation

The sentiment of your online reputation is hard to control because everyone with access to the internet can contribute to that sentiment. When your community management is strong, you can interact with negative comments as soon as they appear. This will give you a far greater chance of turning those bad experiences into positive ones.

You can also keep your finger on the pulse of your online sentiment, looking for trends or regular problems that keep cropping up. With this information, you can prevent a lot of poor user experiences from happening in the future.

Build your brand with community management
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