Protect Your Business From Data Loss With This Comprehensive Tool

If you’ve ever had your phone or laptop stolen, you know what it’s like to lose all your precious information like photos and documents. No matter what you do, you’ll never be able to retrieve it again.

Now imagine, as a business owner, losing all your client data and business information due to theft or your system crashing because of a virus. What a disaster it would be if you don’t have it backed up somewhere. Let’s say you do have a backup stored onsite and your building burns down, it would all be for nothing and you’d still lose the precious information.

The solution is easy. Cloud-based backup software from Netgen. There is nothing as safe as storing all your valuable business information on the cloud. No break-in, fire or computer virus can harm or delete your information.

Your Business Can Benefit Greatly from Acronis Data Protection and Backup Software

Netgen is a business software developer and accredited Acronis Service Provider. This means that if you work with us, you’ll have access to one of the most advanced data protection and backup software solutions in the world. Security is our number one priority which is why Acronis Backup Software is the ideal solution for your business.

With Acronis Data Protection and Backup Software you can achieve the following:

  • Decrease the complexity with our ‘one solution for all’ system
  • Select a backup storage solution to suit your business needs
  • Give computer viruses and malicious software no chance
  • Avoid a complex system setup and maintenance
  • Recover files quickly whenever needed
  • Migrate systems to any hardware or environment

At Netgen, we have extensive experience in developing top-quality software solutions in South Africa and internationally. If you’re looking for an affordable and uncompromised data safety solution, speak to the team at Netgen for a free quote today.