RoloNext – the challenge of being unique

When we were approached to help create RoloNext, our Netgen developers were excited at the prospect. It was a mobile app that the world knew but it was also unique, and the build requirements went far beyond just a regular app. The concept needed database software and so much more behind the scenes.

Creating a unique selling point

RoloNext is a digital business card app that allows users to swap their contact details with just the tap of a finger. Olga Lakeman, one of the creative minds behind the RoloNext concept, knew that there were many other mobile apps on the market that stored digital business cards. However, through her research, she and the team worked out that they generally required you to manually input a phone number or email address before you could send your business card to another user. This would be the point where RoloNext would differ.

The concept was to create a mobile app that allowed two people to exchange digital business cards simply by holding their phones close to each other and hitting send.

More than just mobile app development

This was a great USP that got the Netgen developers excited to get to work. Upon scoping out the concept and creating a plan for development, it became clear that this mobile app needed more than just this on-screen functionality. It needed a database programme that lived securely in the cloud so that users could manage their contacts.

We also came up against the challenge of requiring an SDK for the mobile app. Another supplier was meant to create this for RoloNext, but they were unable to complete the task. Without this software, the app would have lost its USP and we couldn’t have that. Our developers went to work on creating the SDK and we’re proud to have built the full mobile app from start to finish.

The end result

“It was really easy to select Netgen as our development partner,” said Lakeman. “For us, it was more important to find a partner who does not only have great skills and experience, but who is also reliable and puts a lot of effort into finding a great solution to every difficult situation.”

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