Stop Making These Annoying Ux Mistakes

I don’t have to tell you that certain UX mistakes like a cluttered screen, poor navigation and slow loading speeds are bad for your app. But, other, less obvious mistakes can be just as bad for your app performance.

While app giants like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can pull them off, it doesn’t mean they’re not annoying and you should try to. Below are 3 biggest UX mistakes to avoid at all costs.

Infinite Scrolling

The goal with infinite scrolling is to keep users on your app as long as possible but it’s super annoying. If you’re trying to get a user to take a specific action like subscribe or buy, infinite scrolling will do more harm than good.

Users need a clear call to action. They are using your app to get something done and fast. If they have to scroll endlessly, they might lose interest and leave without taking any action.

Not Acknowledging User Actions

Your app should acknowledge every action the user takes. If the page the user requested takes time to load, grey out the click button or display a progress indicator. If nothing happens after a user performed an action, they’ll get anxious and navigate away.

Too many CTAs

Too many CTAs (Call to action) on one page will only confuse your user. They will suffer choice overload which typically leads to no action. App users need a clear call to action — a decision between A or B which leads them to a page they want to be on and gets them one step closer to a conversion.

By now, it should be clear that even little mistakes can be vital to user experience. Avoid them by hiring a credible mobile app development company like Netgen. With more than two decades worth of industry experience, we don’t make stupid mistakes that can harm your application’s performance. Get in touch for a free quote today!