Taking the NPR mobile

This year, one of our long-term clients came to us with a new and exciting prospect – build a mobile app for one of their nationwide projects. The National Performance Register (NPR) is a concept that is powered by eta College and is designed to create benchmarks based on fitness assessments for South African athletes.

The challenge: create a mobile application that would allow coaches and athletes to access their test results and see how they compare to the statistics while on the go.

What the app needed to do

The NPR already lives in the online world. The website hosts the large and constantly growing and evolving database of assessments. The mobile app would need to securely access this database and ensure that users are only able to tap into the information that they have the rights to. The NPR is very serious about keeping results anonymous, unless you are the athlete and the nominated coach for that athlete.

The app, of course, also needed to be user friendly and allow people to filter through the stats with ease. Each user should be able to immediately see their results from the accredited fitness assessment that was done by eta College. They should also be able to compare those results to the benchmarks that have been worked out for their sport and category. Coaches and athletes use this information to ensure that they are properly competitive, and to work out where they need to improve.

Netgen and eta College

The Netgen team has been working with eta College for several years already, providing a number of software solutions for the fitness trainers. When the idea for a mobile app came up, Brad Searle from eta College explains, “We needed a decent way to display our data and Netgen gave us the perfect solution in our app. We also believe that Netgen will assist us with keeping up to date with trends and help us have an app that is keeping up with the time and trends.”

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