The benefits of a mobile POS system

The world is getting a lot more impatient. People want things to be more convenient as we get used to technology making life easier. In a retail space, you can add an extra layer of convenience for your customers by deploying a mobile POS system.

Essentially, you’ll be creating more ways for your customers to pay for items while in store. It’s been possible for a long time now to bring a mobile credit card machine to the customer – restaurants have been doing that for years. However, a fully integrated mobile POS system can give you so much more.

Each time a shop assistant makes a sale, the system will pick up the item that was sold and mark it as gone in your stock. This makes doing inventory and knowing when to order new stock much easier. The entire process becomes completely seamless – so many benefits of a mobile POS system!

3 more advantages in a retail store

You can really open up your brick-and-mortar store into a friendlier and more inviting space with the right system in place.

  1. Cut out the queues – Your shop assistants can seal the deal with customers out on the shop floor. If a shop assistant has been helping someone by providing more information on an item or finding the correct fit, they can actually complete the sale then and there. The customer will no longer have to go through to the checkout area and potentially stand in a queue.
  1. Create upselling opportunities – Not only will you be streamlining the process for sales, you’ll be creating an environment where customers feel at ease with their purchasing. It’ll be so convenient, they may even consider taking a few moments extra to hear about a product that complements the one they’re already buying – especially since they won’t need to stand in a queue to actually make the purchase.
  1. Provide better customer service – Your sales force will be able to spend more time on the floor, making real connections with the customers. A mobile POS system will allow for a combination of the convenience and speed of online shopping and the personal, one-on-one treatment from a shop assistant.

The best part about all of this is that the technology exists and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it. You can buy off-the-shelf devices or get your own concept designed for you, and get custom software created to run your system either way. Talk to the team at Netgen to find out more about the benefits of a mobile POS system.