The Netgen Mobile App Development Process In 6 Steps

The Netgen mobile app development process

At Netgen, we have used our over 60 years of experience to create a truly well-rounded approach to developing any custom software, including mobile apps. We want to ensure that our customers get the application they need to improve their business.

  1. Analysing your needs – Our trained business analysts will sit with you to discover exactly what your mobile app needs to do. They will also advise on best practices for apps, current trends and how to go about deciding on the right focus.
  2. Planning the project – The next step is to scope out the project, lay out the design for your app and work out what the best plan of attack will be to build it. The business analyst will sit with the project manager and developer to come up with this plan and present it to you.
  3. Developing your app – Once approved, the developers can get to work building your mobile app. This includes the frontend design, the navigation, all features and functionality, as well as any backend integrations that need to be done. On larger projects, we can work on a modular approach in order to get phases up and running one at a time.
  4. Testing all elements – Netgen has dedicated testers on the team, and their job is to go through all new custom software and applications to ensure they work as they are meant to. These testers will find any bug, flaw or glitch, and get them fixed before we are ready to deploy.
  5. Launching the product – Only once we are sure that the mobile app is ready, will we present it to you. At this stage, any integrations to existing systems that need to be done will be seen to. We’ll also run you through the full app and provide any necessary training. Then, it will be ready to launch.
  6. Ongoing assistance – For all of our custom applications, we offer ongoing maintenance packages. This ensures that the mobile app stays up to date with the latest device and software releases from all the major smartphone and tablet brands. Our support team will also be on standby should anything go wrong with the mobile app.

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Through the process, you’ll meet with business analysts, project managers, developers, testers, and more. The Netgen team is well-rounded, with expertise in understanding exactly what you need your mobile app to do, and developing that for you. Get in touch today.