Warehouse Transport Control System

What Is Warehouse Transportation?

Warehouse transportation suggests the comprehensive logistics processes in your supply chain (delivering goods from suppliers to customers) which includes planning, organisation, implementation, and management. This also involves the movement of physical inventory as well as the more complex “goods” such as time and information.

Warehouse Transport Control System
Warehouse Transport Control System

What Does a Warehouse Management System Do?

It’s no secret that warehouse managers have a lot on their plates when it comes to daily warehouse and transportation management. Luckily, there are various tools available that are incredibly helpful to help control any type of warehouse and manage the expectations of customers as well as the requirements of your employees in the form of warehouse transport software.

Warehouse Management Systems supports the day to day operations within a warehouse by allowing employees to have a localised system where they can control various warehouse management tasks through one interface. A comprehensive warehouse management systems (WMS) give you real-time insight into your supply chain and empower you with essential tools to manage your warehouse efficiently and profitably.

Benefits of a Warehouse Management System (WMS)

When your warehouse operations run efficiently — in other words, the right items are dispatched at the right time, inventory is properly accounted for, picking errors are few and far in between, stock is replenished on time, fewer problems with material handling equipment and all processes and systems fall into place, your warehouse operates at optimal profitability.

When you implement a solid WMS for your warehouse transportation management, you:

  • Accurate, detailed, real-time inventory information: Know and control how much inventory you have and exactly where they are in your warehouse.
  • A reduction in returns: A detailed and a precise look at your inventory means sending the right items, the first time around.
  • Auto-replenish inventory: Don’t wait until your stock is completely out to order more. Let your warehouse management system (WMS) auto-replenish stock when levels get low.
  • Maximize warehouse floor space: Some warehouse transport control systems can automate routine tasks such as stock picking and rotation. This functionality suggests you’ll need less warehouse space for employees, thus more space for storing inventory.

Other warehouse control system advantages extend to reduced operational expenses and higher profits by improving transparency and visibility, bettering demand planning, reducing picking errors, making labour allocation more efficient, allowing stock traceability, optimising processes like transport orders, and enhancing customer service.

Warehouse Transport Control System

What Are the Major Transportation Issues in Warehousing?

If you are experiencing warehouse transport control problems, rest assured, you’re not the only one. When it comes to warehouse transportation, there are several potential problems one can run into that can end up causing unforeseen problems, especially if you don’t have an effective warehouse transport control system in place.

Transportation Costs

The number one concern of warehouse transport control system is the costs involved. These costs come in the form of insurance costs for your equipment and warehouse facility, maintenance costs, warehouse labour costs for employees needed to handle and receive shipments as well as the rising costs of fuel.

Shipment Delays

Also a major transportation issue in warehouses, shipment delays can have many causes. Long term road construction, traffic jams on a nearby highway, inefficient shipment scheduling, accidents or breakdowns all have the power to bottleneck and delay shipments extensively. These delays result in unhappy customers and ultimately decreased sales.

Tracking and Communication

A good communication and tracking system is vital to keep all the elements of your distribution center working together. It is challenging for warehouse employees to schedule shipments accurately when communication with transport control is poor. In the event of poor shipment tracking, shipments that are time-sensitive such as perishable items or plants might get lost, only to be discovered after their value is reduced or completely lost. Poor shipment tracking and communication will result in a loss of profit.

Damage and Theft

Threats to warehouse transport security vary from one organization to another. They depend on factors like the nature of the business, type of cargo, geography, the law that a region, as well as safety measures used for shipments in transit.

Any time inventory items leave your distribution center, they are vulnerable to various types of risks such as truck hijacks, theft and damage. While not much can be done about this scenario, it is vital to have an accurate scope of your inventory, where they are at what time and security measures put in place to avoid any major losses.

Warehouse Safety

Warehouse employees are constantly at risk of injury while loading and unloading truck shipments with a higher than average fatal injury rate than other occupations. A serious problem faced by most warehouse managers, especially on loading docks, is forklift safety. That said, employee training, fire prevention and proper shipment handling procedures are also essential, especially when handling hazardous materials.

Warehouse Transport Control System
Warehouse Transport Control System

Warehouse Management: How to Choose the Right Transport Management System

Not all warehouse management systems are created equal. You’ll want to invest in an advanced warehouse transport system that combines warehouse control systems with traditional management tools to create complete warehouse harmony which will enhance your overall logistics control system, from inventory receipt to shipping.

Now that you understand warehouse transportation management a little better, it is time to determine and develop the best warehouse transport system for your business. You’re probably concerned about investment costs of such a comprehensive software solution and the best way to get more information about warehouse transport system costs involved, is to get in touch with Netgenapps for a free quote today!