Why Is My Mobile App Not Successful?

Mobile app development has become more challenging over the years. Not because of the skills and expertise required to develop unique apps but due to the competitive nature of it. There are millions of applications to choose from in the app stores, both iOS and Android. Many of which are highly successful. Even more that aren’t. Here are some of the reasons why mobile apps fail.

Poor Audience Research

When developing an app, you must have an audience in mind. If not, you might want to spend more time finding an audience first. If you do have an audience, you’ll want to do thorough research to establish the following:

  • Which platform do they use
  • Where do they live
  • Are they male or female

Giving your audience exactly what they need where and when they need it most, will make your app successful.

Poor or No Competitor Research

How many apps are similar to yours? What do they offer that you don’t? How can you make your app better? It’s true what they say, keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. Neglecting this part of the process will increase the risk of your app failing.

Poor Design & Functionality

If your mobile app is too complicated to navigate, users will find an alternative. The winning recipe for a successful app is keeping your design simple, your action steps low and not skimping on functionality.

Poor Marketing & Monetisation Strategy

The whole point of developing an app is to increase revenue. But, this won’t happen if your app isn’t monetised correctly and placed in front of the right audience.

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