Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

The stats are clearly showing that consumers want to be able to get hold of your business as quickly and simply as possible, and a mobile app gives them just that access. Forms of communication are built directly into the app, cutting out the need for people to search for your business and then search your website or listing for contact details and only then be able to make the call or send the email.

Mobile apps are no longer just for the giants of industry or only e-commerce businesses. Small companies, even family-owned stores, can benefit from getting one created just for them. At Netgen, we can create custom mobile apps for a wide range of industries and budget sizes.

3 reasons to get a mobile app

Still not convinced your company would benefit from a mobile app?

  1. Better customer service – A mobile app offers instant communication options, plus a convenient place for FAQs and other information to live. People will have access to this information 24/7 because it is right there on their smartphone. Customers can get in touch with you from the comfort of their living room or while on the go, in between meetings or errands.
  2. Increased brand awareness – Having your logo on a person’s smartphone all the time means that you are constantly reminding them of your brand’s presence. If your app is on their phone, it also means that they are more likely to use your business over a competitor because it is easier to gain access to you. It’s as simple as pressing on the icon rather than having to open up a web browser and searching for contact details, opening hours and products or services.
  3. Improved direct marketing – Once your mobile app is on a person’s device, you can send them regular updates. Customers will get notifications just like they would from a text message or social media tag. This gives you a direct link to all consumers who download your app, which you can use to promote giveaways, competitions, sales, or anything you want really.

Talk to the experts Netgen has a wealth of expertise in creating bespoke mobile apps for clients all over the world. We use our combined skill set to develop apps that are truly useful to your business. Get in touch today and we’ll show you how.